Some of The Dogs of Zoom!

Zoom! is a young and evolving team. We’re proud of the diversity of our dogs and we’re pleased to introduce them to you.

UKC/CKC CH Mellissamy’s Lord of the Rings NA, FDJ, RA, FCH

Buzz is a German Shorthaired Pointer who loves life. Happy, playful and determined to never grow up! A show dog with a zest for life, flyball, field work, rally obedience, obedience, agility. He does it all... fast! Owned and loved by Wendy. A macho looking dog who is really a sissy!

Claire Claire

Dove Dove


Fame is a blue merle Australian Shepherd, named after the David Bowie song. She loves learning new tricks, playing disc and flyball. During her down time, Fame loves hiking through Turkey Point trails and swimming.


Izzy is a living model of never say never. Her love is for food and her mom Jade of course. She used to think tennis balls were gross and what was the point of playing with them! Now she thinks flyball is pretty fun!
CH Rozzi’s Little Jet RN TD FDCH-G

Jet has a list of firsts – first Miniature Bull Terrier to be registered with NAFA to play flyball; first to earn her TD (Tracking Dog); my first Mini- Bully! She tested my patience in the early days of her training and we almost quit several times…but thanks to incredible teammates we hung in there and she is now a steady height dog for Zoom! She has the best box turn EVER and turns heads with her incredible ‘cuteness’ everywhere she goes. Wouldn’t trade her for the world!

Kali Mardles Kaluha Dream CKC/AKC RN AGN PCD FMX

Kali is a wonderfully mischievous chocolate lab. She is full of energy and as a result needs to be kept busy. She is trained (and titled) in obedience, rally, agility and flyball. If asked, Kali would say her favorite is flyball, though.

Maggie Maggie

UKC/CKC CH Grindstones Miss Piccadilly FCH

Pickles is a Boston Terrier who is owned and loved by Wendy. She is 11 pounds of fun and a determined little flyball dog. Pickles recently took a break from flyball for motherhood and is now ready to get back into action! She can be seen in between races kissing all members of Team Zoom.

Palisades Silver Sizzle

Pirate is a therapy dog with children during the day and a performance dog at night. He loves being active and playing agility and flyball.

Rosie Rosie

Rosie, like her mother Kali, enjoys life and especially flyball.
Rowin’s BiBi from Kijiji FM

Rowin’ was an over-weight dog living in an apartment until he was spotted, on Kijiji, looking for a new home. He has found his forever home, and his favourite thing, other than rowing happily on his back (thus his name), FLYBALL! He loves being a Zoomer start dog and if you watch him, he also rows his way to the start line trying to hurry to race.

Waffles Waffles