Our Founders

Kim is one of our founders, coach, and team captain. Her beautiful stained glass art can be viewed on her facebook page.



Theresa "Tree" Martin started Zoom! with co-founder Kim. Her favourite thing was flyball, except perhaps earth dog with her Norfolk terrier Daphne.

Tree wanted a flyball team where every dog had an opportunity to play. But perhaps more importantly a team that knew that we did this for fun, friendship and spending time with our canine friends. Oh yeah...and great food!


Tree died in May 2013 of acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 52. She left us the gift of her spirit in team Zoom! For that we are forever grateful. We know that somewhere she is wearing orange and cheering us on each time we step on the racing lanes.


Kim honoured Theresa in a speech at a Hamilton Dog Obedience Club. You can find the speech and pictures of Theresa and her dogs here.

Our Team Members

Alexis enjoys training in a variety of dog activities including flyball, disc, agility and tricks.















Lena has been passionate about training and competing with dogs since she got her first dog at 12 years old. She works as a software developer, and spends all of her free time with the dogs.


Leslie enjoys working with her dogs and is very proud of the conformation, working certificates, hunt tests, barn hunt, rally obedience and now flyball titles they have earned together.



Michelle and Rowin' are in their happy place when they are waiting for the the start lights together. "Ready...Set...GO!"




Paula's first time playing flyball was when she began running Jet on Zoom.  She is officially hooked. She is also very proud of having the only Mini Bull Terrier to be registered with NAFA to play flyball.


Other members without pictures here are Helen, Marilyn and Marysa.

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