Zoom!ers in Training

These are our up and comers, currently learning the flyball ropes!

Annie Annie

Clark Clark

RR Saesi Clark W Griswold III is Kim's new whippet. Thanks Aaron and Wayne for the newest Zoomer.

Glitch is a lovely 2 year old Border Collie from working lines. She started her life as a herding dog, but it turns out she prefers sports and tricks, so here she is! Glitch is a HUGE suck, when she isn't working she can be found cuddling as close to her mom as possible.
Castlegar Popstar of Waterdown

Poppy is a Parson Russell Terrier. When she is not catching balls and catering to her adoring fans, she can be found mousing, harassing her canine siblings and playing other sports.
Scout Scout

Ticklwood's Modular By Design SJ-R 'Widget'

Widget is a small standard Australian Shepherd from working lines. She is a lovely girl, sweet and extremely friendly. When she isn't busy learning new tricks, she can be found gleefully windmilling her front legs at the nearest person for attention.